Servicing Information

A typical service on a Floor Clock (Grandfather, Grandmother, Hall Clock) is carried out in your home. It consists of removing the movement and dial from the case and removing as much of the dried oil and grease as possible without disassembly. I also check for wear (see picture below). The parts are then  

re-installed and adjusted. This takes approximately  1 1/2 to 2 hours. The total charge in the local Reno/Sparks area is $225 - $250

Most movements should be serviced at least every 5 years. This is not considered a "cleaning". We either service the clock or overhaul it.  The word cleaning is too ambiguous.

If the clock will not run or the chiming has stopped, there is the likelihood the movement may require additional work. Clocks with movements that are 15 or more years old and have not been serviced during that time, are typically too worn and dirty for a service to revive them.  Newer movements are usually manufactured by either Hermle, Urgos or Kieninger even though the name on the clock may be different.  Many of these movements are still being made and in most cases it is more cost effective to replace the movement than to pay the labor to overhaul it. (This does not apply to antiques!)

The arrow is pointing to one of the

gear shafts (pivot) where the oil has

dried up and worn the pivot hole,

resulting in the black dust below.

To replace the movement, I will take your old movement, dial, weights and pendulum back to my shop, make some measurements and order the new movement. It is then matched up with your dial, weights and pendulum and test-run for at least one week. I will arrange for another house call to reinstall the parts in your clock case. The total time involved is approximately 4-6 weeks.

If the movement is not available or is an antique, then we would restore it rather than replace it.

In either case, the house call charge would be incorporated into the total replacement/overhaul amount. Depending on the movement, the total part and labor cost with a 1 year warranty usually runs between $700 - $900. More complicated clocks such as those with tubular bells will cost more. We will always give you a written estimate before the additional work is carried out.