English Rocking Swan Clock

We overhauled this clock and I thought it might be interesting to others. It's English from around the 1820's. I've seen the rocking ship animations and recently a soldier on a horse, but not a swan. I took the video with my old Droid but it's not too bad.


French Singing Bird

We were asked to check this and service. I thought it was interesting 

enough to make a video. 


Colonial Mfg. Co. 9-Tube Playing Whittington Chime

This movement is out of a Colonial hall clock model #1389 circa. 1921. We had just finished the overhaul and had it running on the test stand.


German 8-Bell Open Well Hall Clock Movement

This movement had a few problems (bent and filed levers) which have now been repaired.


Vintage Metronome with Bell

This is a vintage metronome which was brought to us for restoration after a not so smooth trip through the mail. The sound starts toward the end. Turn up the volume so you can hear the bell.


Small French Singing Bird Box

We were asked to service this bird box since it hadn’t run in years.


Unique Junghans Striking Mechanism

For some reason I hadn't seen this type of strike mechanism in my over 20 years of clock repair.